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Argentina – A Country that Can Surprise You with Its Beauty and Variety

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Argentina is one of the most well known countries in Latin America. The country has made its name in many things including soccer, the excellent tango dance form, exotic wines, some amazing natural settings, modern architecture and set up and many more. To put in short and crisp language, Argentina offers everything that a tourist wants from a visit to a particular place.

Exploring the best destinations in Argentina

Travelers might be unaware of the fact that Argentina abounds in immense natural beauty and breathtaking landscape sceneries. The beauty of the country is such that it is sure to leave an indelible impression on your mind for years to come. Here are some places in Argentina that are enough to prove the point: Also don’t forget to check the Lujan Zoo in Argentina, a place where you can play safe with wild animals.

Buenos Aires


The capital city of Argentina has all that is required to make a perfect metropolitan city. The European architecture in the city needs a special mention. Along with this, the city has a thriving active life with restaurants, shopping malls, great nightlife and all other qualities that make a city a pulsating one. The tango dance form also got birth in this city only.



If you want to see a piece of Switzerland in Argentina, Bariloche is the place to be. The snow capped mountains and the pristine lakes in the area create the impression of a small European village. The small houses in the area are built in Swiss-style and the place has some of the best chocolate shops in the area. Various kinds of outdoor adventures can be carried out in the area.

Los Glaciares


Also known as Glacier National Park, Los Glaciares is considered as a natural wonder. Situated in Santa Cruz Province, the Glacier National Park has the largest ice cap besides those in Antarctica and Greenland. The glaciers spread to the northern as well as southern section of the park. The most majestic mountain Mount Fitz Roy is an ideal destination for mountain climbing and hiking.

Iguazu Falls


This is one of the greatest attractions of Argentina. The natural Iguazu Falls is situated on the Iguazu River. One sudden look at the cascading waterfall might remind one of the Niagara Falls in Canada. There is also a small and pretty town situated by the Iguazu River.

Mar del Plata


Mar del Plata is one of the most renowned top beach resort cities in Argentina. Millions of international travelers and tourists frequent to the city for enjoying the great sea and awesome beach in the area. Visiting the beach during the peak tourist season might have you looking for the right space at the beach. The culture of the country is also reflected at the beach city completely.
Apart from the above mentioned destinations, there are more places of attractions in the Latin American country.

Getting into Argentina

Anyone intending to visit Argentina must have a valid passport. If you do not have one, get a new passport at the earliest. It is also recommended to note the validity of the passport. In case the expiry date of the passport is approaching, it is better to get passport renewal done and then set for the trip to be safe in all ways. There are many passport agencies now which can help in dealing with various kinds of passport issues effectively within a short span of time. Tourist visas are not required for entry to the country. However, a reciprocity fee has to be paid online.

Contributor:  Patricia Spellman – a travel enthusiast and an avid blogger