Places in Malta

Most Beautiful Places in Malta

Sat, 08/29/2020 - 14:40 by eflytoblog

A great place to grab some sun lay on white sand, splash around in clear warm waters and catch stunning sights. Malta is not famous for its beauty but should be, as many of the attractions here are wonderful, some more tranquil than the others, some that a big tourist attractions but each as unique and beautiful as the next.


Blue Grotto


Along the south coast of Malta there are a number of sea caverns, and a very unique and beautiful sight can be seen here. A combination of the sunlight, location of the caverns and the water allow a mirroring effect off the water into the caverns showing many different shades of blue. Several of the caverns mirror the amazing sparkling colours of the flora under the water. Tourists can come here via boat and explore these caverns; it is so beautiful a few filmmakers have used this as a destination, such as the 2004 film Troy starring Brad Pitt, and a Milky Way advert.

Comino Island


Comino Island is a small island located in between Malta and Gozo, it is known to be a paradise for snorkelers and divers. This is beautiful in its self where it is located it means it is isolated and tranquil, no cars no pollution, just the smell of fresh thyme. The most famous spot on this island is the Blue Lagoon, with its shimmery crystal waters layered with powdery white sand. This is big for tourist to come and visit in the summer, for a perfect and beautiful tranquil place to get away from all the busy areas.

Upper Barrakka Gardens

Malta park

Located in the capital of this great country and at the highest point of Valetta you will find these wonderful gardens. This is one of the most peaceful places to get away from the bust city centre, admiring all the trees, plants, monuments and statues located around the gardens. Without a doubt the most memorable thing about these gardens is the stunning views of Valetta harbour, tourists can spend hours just admiring the view.

Bird Park Malta


Located in Salina the bird park is one of Malta’s best kept secrets, and is home to over 200 species of bird. To those who love to see natural beauty then this is the place with beautiful birds and a picturesque landscape, some of the birds that make this bird park their home are pelicans, flamingos, swans and parrots, but also home to many more amazing birds. Not only is it the home of many birds there are other species of animal here as well like, wallabies, kangaroos, marmosets and antelope. It’s the whole natural being of this park that makes it so special, seeing animals live their lives in a natural habitat.

Most of the beauty in this country is all natural and allows for stunning views and great memories, with beauty as nice as this; there is no question why holidays to Malta are so popular. Full of great culture and great attractions, people who come to Malta / Malte will love it and will want to come back.