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Top Eight Catchy Tourist Sites in San Antonio

Sat, 08/29/2020 - 14:24 by eflytoblog

San Antonio Texas

San Antonio is one of the most spectacular tourist sites in Texas, United States. San Antonio possesses unique cultural history and background. San Antonio creates a huge interest in sightseers whenever they plan to visit at this beautiful tourist destination. In reality, travel enthusiasts can find and explore plenty of thrilling tourist sites in San Antonio.

Top San Antonio Attractions

1. The San Antonio Riverwalk

Visualized during the year of 1929 by Robert Hugman, The River Walk provides the best solution to flooding problems faced by San Antonio throughout history. Since then place is beautifully scattered with numerous luxury hotels, top rated restaurants, casinos, nightclubs, fountains, Cypress trees among other places.

2. The Tower of the Americas

Created and built during the year of 1968, The Tower of the Americas grabs the attention of everyone in San Antonio. The tower has splendid shape glass walled elevators and an observation deck. It is a symbol of progress in San Antonio history, culture and civilization.

3. The Ripley’s Believe It Or Not! Museum

The museum possesses unique fictional characters and wax mannequins of heroes and important celebrities in San Antonio, Texas. The place possesses a unique underground cellar in which explorers can find a lot of weird items.

4. The Steves Homestead


This is one of the most mesmeric works of genius in San Antonio. Created and built in 1876, The Steves Homestead features a beautiful architectural structure, indoor swimming pool and antiques. It is the former residence of a famous celebrity known as Edward Steve.

5. The Spanish Governor’s Palace

There are many buildings in San Antonio, but nothing is more elegant and appealing than Spanish Governor Palace because it is the 18th palace. The oldest landmark has splendid architectural styles, small rooms, low ceilings and thick stucco walls. The palace houses a beautiful cobblestone patio, thrilling fountain and original keystone. This enhances the actual beauty and grace of The Spanish Governor Palace.

6. The San Antonio Botanical Garden


The garden is spread over 33 acres of land and it is the best spot for family vacation. The place possesses beautiful conservatory, trees, formal garden, traditional gardens and indigenous plants. The garden provides a great learning for keen researchers, botany experts and gardening fans.

7. The Basilica of the National Shrine of the Little Flower

It is a majestic shrine in San Antonia, Texas which has mesmeric architectural structure to grab the eyes of everyone in the city. The shrine is sacred place for Christian community. It is believed to be a “Minor Basilica” which means an honor to be granted to every church in the country.

8. The Freeman Coliseum

It is a wonderful sports and concert venue for those who have love and passion sports. The venue hosts plenty of famous events and sporting competitions every year, including hockey, wrestling, musical concerts, car shows, hunting, fishing and religious ceremonies. In addition, the tourists can explore Charline McCombs Empire Theatre that hosts seminars, conferences, performing arts and numerous other events each year.

Contributor: Jessica J. Pohl – Winetours Dc