Travel Tips

Top 26 Golden Travel Tips for your Travel Abroad

Sat, 08/29/2020 - 14:28 by eflytoblog

Travel Tips for having a relaxing Travel Experience

#1. Check for the latest travel news for your travel destination

#2. Beware of any civil unrest or significant conditions via travel alerts / warning issued by the government of your travel destination

#3. Take a Travel Insurance

#4. Check validity of the passport and apply for a Tourist Visa

#5. Read travel reviews, places to go, things to do etc, to plan your travel

#6. Pre-book your air tickets and transportation if required

#7. Pre-book your hotels to get better rates

#8. Know the Emergency Numbers of the destination you visit, such as Police, Hospital, Embassy and Consulate. Store them in your mobile phone

#9. Don’t over carry your package – A free hand makes your travel more comfortable

#10. Avoid carrying / wearing Valuables

#11. Get 2 Photocopies of your travel itinerary and documents; leave one set to a person in your family and one you keep it with you somewhere in your luggage. Ensure Original and photocopies are kept separately. Scan and keep a copy of it in your email

#12. Carry all important and necessary travel itineraries and documents

Air Tickets
Hotel Confirmation / Address with landmark
Driver’s License
Local Currency
International Credit Card
Traveler’s check / Serial numbers of same

#13. Learn the Local Laws and customs

#14. Consult a medical practitioner and take some general medicines, for your use if required.

#15. Know about any vaccinations is required on arrival to the travel destination (Like that of the Yellow Fever Vaccination in Africa)
#16. If long travel is required, carry ear plugs and eye patches, to have a comfortable sleep

#17. Know the climate and have your dress / clothes as required. (You might need thermals, when you visit cold countries, & loose fitting clothes while you travel to hot countries)

#18. Carry a map if possible, which helps you plan the route while you travel

#19. Enjoy using a public transportation to make your travel fulfilled

#20. Respect the local culture and traditions

#21. Buy good walking shoes, high heel won’t help you enjoy a trekking or long walks

#22. Know the types of scams in the travel destination you visit. Generally the taxi driver / guide would take to places where they get some commissions for your stay and dinner

#23. Go around find a grocery store and some small decent restaurants where you can get good delicious food at low cost

#24. Carry few wipes, Tampons (if women)

#25. Get a local mobile phone SIM / GSM card presenting a copy of your visa and passport copy

#26. Last but not least, carry a workable camera to take nice photos of the places you tour