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Pub Crawl in Dublin: Best Places & Practical Tips

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Pubs in Dublin Ireland

It’s hardly possible to forbear from draining at least a jug of Irish beer when visiting Dublin. For sure, you should have heard about the legendary Guinness beer. So, in Ireland Guinness is a national symbol, an object of worship, a source of stable income, the most important entertainment and simply the soul of the country. And even if you don’t like beer, you definitely need to visit an Irish pub while staying in Dublin. Book Hotels in Dublin.


Pubs in Dublin represent a kind of living history of the city. These are the places, where the famous scenes from the stories of Irish writers took place, and where the debuts of the world-famous musical performances were organized. Visiting Irish pubs guarantees you a great mood and lots of fun. Further in this article you’ll get acquainted with the best pubs of Dublin, and learn about some of the main rules of behavior there.

The Stags Head
Many locals consider this pub the main one in Dublin. The majority of its customers are the students from the nearby Trinity College, the lawyers, journalists and tourists. Formerly, James Joyce loved to drop in the pub. Today among its famous visitors are Michael Collins and Quentin Tarantino. A notable feature of The Stag’s Head is that it has many times served as filming location.


The Merry Ploughboy Pub
This pub was opened in the early 1730s, and if you want to plunge into the Irish culture and feel the real Irish hospitality this place in Dublin will be the best choice for that.

Merry Ploughboys Traditional Night performance is the night of Irish music and dance. The show begins with serving a variety of Irish specialties, and afterwards the famous Irish music band, The Merry Ploughboys, comes out. The pub is truly one of the most frequently visited establishments in Dublin.


The Porterhouse Temple Bar
You can find this great pub in the renowned Temple Bar district. The main advantage of the pub is a huge variety of beers from around the world and 10 species of the famous Irish stout.

If you want to try something unusual – order an oyster beer. In addition, you can enjoy there live funk music, good menu and a great audience. If you want to go to the pub late in the evening, it’s recommended to reserve a table there in advance.


The Brazen Head
This is the oldest pub not only in Dublin, but also throughout Ireland. Can you imagine that it has served its customers since 1198?!

It seems that this pub was born together with the Irish nation. Every day it offers an excellent Guinness beer along with Celtic and Irish live music performances.

It’s not surprising that “The Brazen Head» was the favorite place of such Irish writers and revolutionaries like Jonathan Swift, James Joyce, and Daniel O’Connell. Today the world-famous musicians Van Morrison and Garth Brooks are much honored to perform in the pub.

The Cobblestone
For Irishmen “Guinness” is not the major reason of going to pubs. Music is another important component of cheerful after-work pastime. Especially, if it’s not only about listening to music, but also about playing it!

That’s why every single evening “The Cobblestone” greets amateur musicians, who improvise together on the theme of Irish folk songs and melodies. You can also show off your talent, of course, if you can play any music instrument. If not – you can simply enjoy drinking “Guinness” and dancing to the music.


This pub became the scene of some episodes from the books by James Joyce. McDaids also served as a refuge for many other Irish writers. They say that the haunters of the pub became the prototypes of the characters from the stories by Brendan Bien.

The interior of the pub also has an amazing history. Originally, the building housed the city morgue, and later – a church. Today, you can go to McDaids to drink some nice beer, and enjoy good blues and jazz music.


So, these are the pubs that you are especially recommended to visit in Dublin. Some of the pubs are located in different parts of the city. Therefore, an affordable rental car with driver in Dublin would greatly assist you in getting from one place to another.

Now consider some important rules concerning visiting Irish pubs:

– The majority of pubs in Dublin are open until midnight or even till 1:00 AM; some pubs are open round the clock.
– If you want to have a drink or a snack, you need to make an order at the bar. When ordering food, the bartender will ask you where your seat is. He will bring you the order when it is ready.
– In Irish pubs tipping is not allowed. You just need to cover the sum of your order.
– When lining up to the bar to order a drink, please, be patient and don’t even think of passing ahead those who stand before you, otherwise the Irish will regard it as a crime. This applies not only to the lines in pubs.
– It is forbidden to smoke in pubs throughout the country. But there are the so called “smoking areas” outside of most of the pubs and cafes.

Summing it up, pub is a true center of Irish culture, and it is impossible to perceive this country without spending some time there.

So, when you come to Dublin, make sure that except for sightseeing like Dublin Zoo, you’ll dedicate a part of your trip to visiting local pubs. Without a doubt, this pastime will bring you lots of pleasure! You can book cheap car rentals in Dublin Ireland from a reliable car rental company or a Marketplace.