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Guide to plan a memorable road trip around Australia

Sun, 08/30/2020 - 12:22 by eflytoblog

Australia is a vast country, certainly, you cannot cover it on road at once. You need a proper plan or guide to make your road trip a success. Driving around Australia is quite a cool decision, as this is the most fun way to explore Australia. You have to choose right cars, right travel destinations, food, accommodation etc. Road trips are exciting and most fun way to explore Australia.  Find Cheap Hotels in Sydney Australia.


One of the major thing to be considered when heading off to travel around Australia, is finding the best type of car for making your trip a success.


Decide the Destination

Decided or not? If yes, understand the requirements of the road. If you plan on sticking to major highways  and sealed roads, then your requirement would be different from one who wants to explore rough washed out four wheel drive tracks.

  • For unsealed roads: Sedans can workout well.
  • For forward tracks: For regular forward tracks, an all wheel may be fine.
  • For remote areas: Long range fuel tanks or one’s that have ability to have one may fit your needs.

Finding your Car options

Once, you have decided the car that fits your destination requirements, the next step is to buy a car that fits under your budget and needs. There are number of options of buying used cars for sale online or even renting a car in Australia that may solve your purpose. But, if you are going for a long trip and want to avoid any kind of problem, you may also buy new car online just to save your time and money.

Set your budget and buy

Most people set budget in advance, but when you are talking about extended travel around Australia, the abilities of the car you choose are more important. In the next step, you can set your budget and go for shopping—you may a find a number of options online that too under your budget. Whether you buy a used car or a new car, its your call, do it wisely.


Now, since you are buckled up to explore most exotic road trip destinations of Australia, you might be wondering which one’s to choose out of 100’s of such beautiful places. A few of them that you must start your trip with are:


The Great Ocean Road, Victoria

The Great Ocean Road is one of the Australia’s explicit wonders, a dazzling, breathtaking, 250 Km drive along the southern coastline of the continent. The Great Ocean Road, in the east begins at Torquay. Torquay is Australia’s surf city, home to world’s largest surf museum, surf gear shops and Bells Beach.


Nissan Roadstar Touring The Great Ocean Road

Cape to cape, Western Australia

The Cape to Cape trip is a 200km route between Cape Naturaliste and Cape Leeuwin knits this wonderland together. Though, the journey is not too long, but certainly the one to relish. The road is in its forests, vineyards and extravagant coastline, Western Australia’s south-west region is a showcase of Australia’s extraordinary diversity. In spring, the landscape displays the exotic show of orange banksias, vivid yellow wattle and kangaroo paws.

Rainforest Way, New South Wales and Queensland

The border between Queensland and New South Wales is made 23 million years ago, when Volcanoes that lie along the line, began bubbling lava. After 3 millions year, the volcano eruptions formed a huge area with the layers of lava and ash which today remains a rippling landscape of high peaks and green valleys, and biological wonderland. This journey is breathtaking and beautiful, full of rain forests.

Gibb River Road, Kimberley, WA

This is one of the most sensational landscapes of Australia. Kimberley is a wild, arid plateau at the top end of Western Australia. It covers an area larger than Germany, yet have the population of only 30,000 people. Cattle stations are here measured by the million acres, the place is a true example of science fiction.


If none of you are night riders, you would definitely want a place to rest a leg in the night. Be prepared in advance, know about the motels, hostels or hotels in your way and make a schedule how much distance can you cover in a day and which is the closest hotel to that area. If budget is a problem, we have these options for you:


Taking camping tents along is the best way to travel Australia on a budget. Camping allows you to have a flexibility to stop over wherever you want and explore more on the trip. You may find really interesting places to dig your tent and who knows, what stories you may have in the end of the trip.

Having a campfire and cooking your meals, toasting marshmallows and watching the millions of stars sparkling is hell of a fun.

Oh, I guess this is going to be an amazing road trip around Australia that you’re never gonna forget. Either you can rent a car to go around Australia or just buy a car in Australia if staying on a long term. Also see where to buy my next car.