Staycation ideas

How to enjoy a Staycation

Wed, 09/02/2020 - 03:39 by admin

With the holiday season nearing, travelers tend to stay at their home country rather than abroad, and even some are planning for vacation time in home "Sweet Home" and wandering locally. Yes, the overnight accomodation is not preferred at this point of time though. 

Its actually a good thing, for a change few travel around 100-200kms radius stay at their friends or a hotel near. This make it more comfortable for the traveler giving the confidence that they can go reach their home early or even staying within the home country.

Staycation can be enjoyed, if there is a proper planning. Watching a movie togeather with the family, Nice spread of Breakfast, Brunch/Lunch and Dinner, walking to the nearby park, keep the mobile phone aside & spending time talking with the family members, sharing some old childhood memories, playing games - especially the one's which the elders in the family has played in their young age, which now is not much played and so on. If its a rainy day, have a cup of hot tea with some hot snacks, that makes it an amazing day.

Staycation not only saves time and money, but also staycation gives great bonding among the family members. For one who haven't tried it yet, this is a good time to try. Yeah, its absolutely fantastic if all the family members are getting involved. Happy Staycation!