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Top 10 Destinations for Budget Travelers

Sun, 08/30/2020 - 14:39 by eflytoblog

Top Budget Travel Destinations

If you have always wanted to go on a dream holiday, but fear that it might be out of your financial reach, there is no longer need to fret. Holidays today are cheaper than ever before, giving you the chance to experience Central America, Europe, United States and Asia on a budget. There are a couple of destinations that stand out as being particularly budget friendly that are definitely worth considering. Below are the 10 best destinations for the budget traveler.

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#10 – Riga, Latvia


As far as European culture capitals go, Latvia ranks highly on the list. In fact, the capital, Riga, is soon to be named the European Capital of Culture. Once here, it is easy to see why the city earns the title. Art and theater thrives in Latvia, with plenty to take in for the artsy travelers. Architecture buffs are also in for a real treat in Riga, starting with Old Riga which is full of churches waiting to be explored. The St. Peter’s Church is a combination of Baroque, Gothic and Romanesque styles, and the Riga Cathedral is a medieval building famous for its 6,718-pipe organ. The Latvian National Opera is not to be forgotten either where you get the opportunity to experience choral performances, ballet and of course opera. With all this activity going on, you can relax on the sandy beaches of the Baltic Sea thankful for the wealth of art and culture and much more that the city has to offer.

#9 – Ko Phi Phi, Thailand


Ko Phi Phi is a magical Island that captured the imagination of film lovers around the world when it was featured in the hit movie, The Beach. The island has been a hotspot for backpackers and luxury travelers alike, but was devastated by the 2004 tsunami. Rebuilding has been underway over the past 8 years, and the island is now better than ever, and a haven for tourists from around the globe. There are now many new resorts catering to the budget traveler as well as tourists looking for more plush accommodations. It is considered pricy by local standards, but it is worth mentioning that the hotel prices have gone down by 27%. This is a great deal as compared to Phuket where the same rates have gone up by 13% in the same period. This wonder Island is a must visit, and is a truly magical budget vacation spot.

#8: Seoul, South Korea


South Korea is famous for more than just the K-Pop music phenomenon. The country has a lot to offer in terms of ancient culture and a thriving modern pop scene. Hotel prices are down by 9%, so you can expect to make some great savings during your holiday. Northern Seoul is home to the Gyeongbok Palace, which was built in the 14th century. There is ongoing restoration work of some of the Joseon Dynasty structures, with some that are already completed. The National Palace Museum and the National Folk Museum are both great places to learn about the ancient culture and much more. There are also traditional houses dating back to the Joseon Dynasty built from soil, rock and timber called hanoks that can be found in the villages all over the country that give you a real taste of what rural Seoul is all about. For some real adventure, hike the Bugaksan Mountain trails. This is home to the Fortress Wall of Seoul that you will not be able to help but marvel at.

#7 – Northern Ireland


Infamous for its troubled past, particularly The Troubles, a religious conflict that almost brought the country to its knees, Northern Ireland has done a great job at reinventing itself to become a great tourist destination. Symbolic of its determination to maintain harmony, the Peace Bridge linking the predominantly Protestant and Catholic sides is an attraction in itself. Northern Ireland is also home to the U.K. City of Culture, which is the first one ever of its kind in the United Kingdom. Some of the attractions include performances from the London Symphony and the Royal Ballet. Northern Ireland is also rich in natural scenery making for great picture perfect opportunities. The prices are also down for tourists as compared to elsewhere in the UK. Known for great time-pass places, friendly locals and all round natural beauty, this is a definite tourist destination for the budget traveler.

#6 – Philadelphia, the United States

Philadelphia has long been an affordable tourist destination and has a lot to offer the quintessential tourist. Fondly named the city of Brotherly Love, Philly has a booming arts culture starting with the Barnes Foundation, a legendary art collection now found downtown. The Philadelphia Theater Company, the Please Touch Museum and the National Constitution Center are other institutions that are worth mentioning and of course visiting. The Broad Street, aptly called Avenue of the Arts is home to more arts and culture treats more specifically at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts. There are also plenty of bars and restaurants that line the streets, featuring wine and beers from all over the world. You can also get a taste of Philadelphia eats from many of the restaurants and eateries that line the street. While here, you have to climb the steps at the Philadelphia Museum of Art made famous in the movie Rocky, as well as visit the Independence Hall where the signing of the Declaration of Independence took place. Lastly, you can have a taste of the epic rivalry that is Geno’s Steaks and Pat’s King of Steaks and join the craze of trying to decide which is the best cheesesteak in town.

#5 – The Bahamas


Any avid traveler will tell you that the Bahamas is one of the best value for money vacations spot you can expect to get anywhere in the world. This is more so in the past years, where despite the number of tourists to the country going up, hotel prices have dropped by 8%. Nassau is one of the premiere destinations in the Bahamas, which is home to the historic Bay Street and the iconic Cable Beach. Bay Street is a must visit for its cafes and shops among other treats. Equally impressive is the Grand Bahama, which is the northernmost destination here. If features an urbane nightlife, underwater caves and three national parks. The Bahamas really is a premiere tourist destination, and a cheap one at that.

#4 – Atlantic, Canada


Atlantic, Canada has always been a budget friendly destination, and makes for a unique holiday that you will not forget in a hurry. It is also home to UNESCO World Heritage Site, and an all round great destination to visit. You have the option of the four provinces which include Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick, Newfoundland & Labrador and Nova Scotia. You can expect rich history and some of the best seafood you could expect to have anywhere. Nova Scotia pays homage to a heritage site, the Old Town Lunenburg, which has been incredibly well preserved, looking much as it did 260 years ago. You can marvel at the wood-framed brightly colored houses and the original grid pattern. You can also see the fascinating schooners and trawlers replicas at the Fisheries Museum of the Atlantic.

#3 – Boracay Island, the Philippines


It is incredible to think that Boracay did not become a tourist destination until the 1970s. With the luxurious cruise line the Royal Caribbean recently making its first call here, it is expected that more in the industry will follow suit. This means that you need to travel to Boracay before it becomes too expensive, or is overrun by tourists. As for now, this is a stunning hidden gem that doesn’t break bank. The hotel prices are low as compared to other similar destinations around the world, and with over 300 resorts and hotels to choose from, you can expect a wonderful holiday by the ocean. Boracay is all about relaxation and long lazy days on the sand. Be sure to time your holiday to between January and May when it is the low season for tourists. You will get better privacy, and get to have the holiday of your dreams on your own terms.

#2 – Spain


Spain is no doubt one of the cheapest holiday destinations in the world. The unfortunate current financial situation in the country has made it even cheaper than ever before. Hotel rates are at an all time low, making this a great place to visit on a tight budget. There are also plenty of opportunities to shop at bargain prices, and plenty of things to see and do in the country.

#1 – Buenos Aires, Argentina


Buenos Aires is fondly referred to as the Paris of South America, and for good reason. The city is rich in historical sites, museums and a thriving nightlife. Hotel prices have gone down 8% in the past year, making it even cheaper for tourists looking for a budget destination. The Corrientes Avenue is perfect in the evening for a combination of food, dance clubs, rare books and everything in between. The Evita Museum is a great place to find everything about Eva Peron, including pieces from her charity work, Eva’s clothing and much more. You can do some high-end shopping in the affluent neighborhood of Recoleta, on the Santa Fe Avenue. The Museum of Latin American Art of Buenos Aires is of course another must visit while here.

These are the top 10 budget destinations around the world and it is easy to see that you don’t have to break the bank to have a great holiday touring the world. All you need is a little imagination, and set off on the trip of a lifetime, making memories on a budget. To save even more on travels be sure to get cheap travel insurance. You will be covered for missed flights, lost luggage, cancelled tours and of course medical expenses without going back to your pocket, as these little costs are known to add up into significant ones.