Know about London Bridge and the attractions around

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London Bridge is the earliest bridge built on the Thames River. It connects the City of London to Southwark, located in central part of the city. The present construction that you see is an evolution of several bridges that existed since 50 A.D. The first structure that existed here was a timber one built by the Romans. They simply drove blocks of wood into the mud of the river. Since then, there has always existed a bridge at the place. The wooden bridge was succeeded by a medieval structure, then by a stone-arched construction and finally the present steel and concrete structure that was opened in 1973.

Know about London Bridge

The present 928 feet long bridge was planned by Lord Holford and the engineers involved in the task were Anderson, Hay and Mott. It took almost 5 years to be constructed and was finally inaugurated in 1973 by Queen Elizabeth, forming the western end of London’s Pool. The bridge suffered immense damages in the year 1984, when HMS Jupiter, a British warship, collided with the structure.

The structure is basically functional in nature with no major attractions in itself. It is one of the most engaged commuter walkways that are commonly seen in films, documentaries and news, showing a multitude of people crossing it for reaching the city for work. The historic structure has quite a few medieval churches and royal haunts that attract tourists visiting England. Besides, it is a convenient point for beginning your tour in the city.

Attractions around London Bridge

London Bridge Experience

Located on the southern end of the construction, it forms one of the most frightening tourist attractions in the city. It is said that workers were scared to work here as skeletons were found in the vault. However, the work was done after much ado and was opened to the public in the year 2007. The attraction tells the history of all the bridges of the city that were once present at the site, ranging from the first Roman pontoon to the current construction with a 3-arch structure. It also tells about the dark side of the city’s history, involving The Great Fire of London and the wars with the Romans and Vikings.

The London Tombs

Located in the southern end of London Bridge, The London Tombs had once been voted the most horrific attraction in United Kingdom. Children below the age of 11 should not visit it. Set in a place which once used to be a plague pit, it is where you get to see walls dripping with blood, encounter spiders, ghosts, snakes and squeeze yourself through confined places. In a nutshell, if you like horror films and would like to be in similar situations, this can be your place of wish fulfillment.

London Dungeons

Here, you see the recreation of macabre and gory historical events in a style of gallows humor. It involves actors, rides and special effects. The visitors are here taken through the city’s bloodstained history of thousand years, offering an educative and thrilling experience. The major horror attractions of London Dungeons include the torture chamber, the crypt, Sweeny Todd’s Barber, boat ride to hell, drop ride to doom and Jack the Ripper. Ready to go to London, Book Cheap hotels in London Today!