Disneyland California

A Visit to Disneyland Park, California, United States

Sun, 08/23/2020 - 10:57 by eflytoblog

Disneyland Park, Originally Disneyland, located in Anaheim, California, USA, is a must to visit place when you are in United States of America. A lovable place that suits all ages, and especially most enjoyed by Children as Walt Disney Characters are around in real.

Disneyland California Entrance

Things To-Do in Disneyland, California:

Though there a lot of activities and entertainment in the Disney Park. The day goes by as you walk though the theme park, enjoying a ride in Big Thunder Mountain, experiencing the real characters you watch out in television channel, and enjoying performance of acting & dancing in front of your eyes. Below are few things that you would notice during your visit.

Mickey Mouse & Minnie Mouse Characters

Mickey Minne Mouse

Performance at Disneyland Park

entertainment Disneyland

Enjoying a Ride!

dineyland rides

Performance in Real

performance at disney

Character Experiences in Disney

drama disneyland

“The Goofy”


“The Lion King” of Disney

Lion King

The Butterfly Characters – Can you guess it?

Tinker Bell

Enthusiastic Performer to Entertain the Visitors

Disney Princess

Advice for Parents visiting Disneyland:

The rides are really amazing in Disneyland, but ensure, if those rides suits best for your kid. There are juggling, lengthy, height rides, so before you get on it with children, check if you children would be comfortable with ride.

Disabled parents or children can get things organized to take care of special rides, so try to know more about travelling with disability.

Booking Tickets of Disney Land:

You can order the tickets to Disneyland California by Phone: 714-781-4400
Ticket Cost: Children $86.00, Adults $92.00
Time: 1 Day 1 Park
Book Disneyland Tickets Online Visit:  disneyland.disney.go.com
Open Timings: 9.00 AM to 8.00 (Early admissions to the Disneyland Resort)

Photo Courtesy: Bhoopal Mani