Top Places to Visit in New York

Top Ten Places to Visit in New York

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New York City

Famously nicknamed as “The Empire State” among the locals, New York state is the third most populous state of the United States. Known as “The Big Apple”, New York City is one of the most populous city of the United States, named after the 17th Duke of England, future King James II of England. Primarily, there are a lot of attractions vibrant enough to draw tourists of all kinds, from all parts of the world. New York is touted to be one of the busiest and a definite place of visit among other destinations in the world. The place is believed to strike a pleasurable sensation and give one a new feel every time they visit the place. Typically a humid continental climate, the average temperatures range from warm to hot in summers and cold to extremely cold in winters. The city is the perfect destination for a wide array of shopping sensation. Clothing, jewelry, home decors, gift articles, technological devices and all kind of essentials are available in a range of prices and variety. The city remains distinguished with its mix of culture, food, fashion, art, media, finance and trade. A city that never sleeps, hotels in New York prove affordable to a wide range of visitors, serving to all economic standards.


Attractions in New York

A Visit into the Deep Blue Sea: New York Aquarium

Opened in 1896, the New York aquarium is the oldest conservatory in the United States. Located in Brooklyn, it is easily accessible by bus and train from various places in the state. The aquarium is home to about 350 species of aquatic wildlife, spread over an area of 14acres. The place also consists of a laboratory, The Osborn Laboratories of Marine Sciences, where extensive research has been conducted on various significant topics. The Conservation Hall explores into the exotic underwater creations including coral reefs, gliding rays, piranhas among many. On the outside, The Sea Cliff showcases the dancing penguins, walruses, harbor seals and the Californian sea lions, which rests over a 300-foot long chaff of land.


The Crossroads of the World: Times Square

Definitely the world’s major entertainment center, this tops the list of attractions in New York. Formerly called the Longacre Square, the Times Square is the most visited tourist attraction among other places in the world. A notable landmark in the state, the place leaves the visitor in splits, not knowing in which direction to look at. Brightly lit by the lights, no night is seen without the glitz and glamour surrounding the air. Times Square is famously known for its new year celebrations, not forgetting the ball drop, wherein the ball descends 141feet in 60 seconds, along a flagpole, starting sharp at 11:59pm and resting at midnight, to mark the start of a new year.


A National Historic Landmark: The Central Park

Spread across 840acres, the park was opened in 1857 and is located in the west side of Manhattan. The park, designed by architects Fredrick Law Olmsted and Calvert Vaux, is a must-see location in the state. Also, the park is touted to be the most visited urban park in the United States, now maintained by the Central Park Conservancy. The park consists of artificially created lakes and ponds, walking paths, ice skating rinks, Central Park zoo, a wildlife sanctuary and a conservatory garden and many more to amaze at. The park offers recreational and sports activities, entertaining birding, boating, horse carriages, ice skating and theater activities.


Liberty Enlightening the World: Statue of Liberty

One of the renowned monuments in the world, the liberty statue stands as a majestic icon, recognized as a prominent landmark in the United States. A symbol of friendship from the people of France to the United States, the statue was dedicated on the October of 28th, 1886. The colossal stands on the Liberty Island in the middle of New York harbor, in Manhattan. Sculpted by designer, Frederic Auguste Bartholdi, the figure symbolizes freedom and democracy. Also, it is the sign of welcome for immigrants from other parts of the world. Basically, the statue is of a robed Roman goddess, holding a torch and a tablet evoking the law, engraved on which is the date of the American Declaration of Independence. Ferry service is available to get a closer look at the statue, which is a must-see for all visitors. Entry to the statue is free, minimum cost is availed for the ferry service.


A Tribute to be Remembered: 9/11 Memorial

This is a place of honor and respect to the people who lost their lives due to the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001 and the bombing in the World Trade Center in 1993. The commemorate is dedicated to more than 3,000 people who were killed during the terrorist attacks. The memorial is located on the World Trade Center site, where once the Twin Towers stood. The names of the people who lost their lives are etched on bronze parapets around the surrounding area. Spread over an area of 8acres, the place offers a serene and green atmosphere, bringing back the memories of near and dear ones. The center of attraction is the twin reflecting pools, surrounded by the engravement of names. The museum also hosts a variety of artifacts and photos, traveling to the past.


A Cultural Touch: The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Founded in 1870, the “Met”, as it is commonly called, is a place of high cultural and artistic values. Touted as the largest art museum in the United States, the place holds exquisite collections of artistic works. The paintings include works from Ancient Egypt, the medieval period, classical era, extensive works of Europeans, African, Greek, Roman arts and a variety of other American and modern art forms. The museum holds more than 2 million artworks, which date back to nearly five thousand years back. Located near to the Central Park, the museum is accessible by bike, car and even by bicycle. The museum is open on all days of the week, with admission depending on the visitor’s interest.


The Icon of the Empire State: The Empire State Building

Named after the state’s nickname, the Empire State Building is the tallest building in the world, starting from about 1931 to 1970. Following the attacks in 2001, the One World Trade Center took in that fame, after which the building has reserved its fame only to its hometown. It is a skyscraper holding 103 floors, standing 1,454ft high. Designated as an American Cultural Icon, the building was declared as a National Historic Landmark in 1986. The observatory is open to all on all the days of the week with a minimum admission fee. A panoramic view from the high-rise building leaves the visitors in splits, lost in the beauty of the city.


A Walk across the River: Brooklyn Bridge

It cannot be a mere walk across the river, but along with an enchanting view of the Brooklyn River and the stretching skyline. It is believed to be the oldest suspension bridge in the United States, having completed in 1883. Originally named as the East River Bridge, it is approximately about 1,595.5feet. It is a historic landmark of the city and a walk across the bridge showcases the viewer a scenic treat. Two masonry towers on either side connect the cables to the bridge, making it distinct among other monuments in the world. The Bridge connects Manhattan and Brooklyn, astonishing the tourists in amazement and awe. The Brooklyn Bridge has an extensive pedestrian pathway, open to the public and cyclists.


Getting Wild: Bronx Zoo

Spread across a natural habitat of about 265acres, the Bronx Zoo is the largest metropolitan zoo in the world. It houses about six thousand animals from about 650 species, ranging from birds to mammals. The species include mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, insects and aquatic ones. As a start-up, children can experience fun aboard large spiders spinning around over one another providing an adventurous ride. Additionally, as a means to educate the public on wildlife, guided tours are available to adults, families, students and private groups. Apart from this, exclusive safaris are available giving a real jungle experience to one and all. The zoo is open on weekdays and weekends from morning to evening, closed on certain national holidays.


Time for an Adventure: Coney Island

Nothing more than a thrilling experience fulfills a vacation! That reminds one of the Coney Island Cyclone in Brooklyn, where the air is filled with excitement, adventure, fun and a splash of joy. The Coney Island is an island of amusement parks and a seaside resort. The cyclone roller coaster is a definite on-the-list for every roller coaster enthusiast in the world. Though lot of advancement in these kinds of rides has been developed, the cyclone ride leaves the rider in splits, enjoying every moment of the ride. Opened in 1927, the wooden roller coaster was declared a New York City Landmark in 1991. The ride is open to visitors on all weekdays with a minimum fee and is subject to change depending on weather conditions and crowds.


New York City Hotels

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