What will happen to travel after Lockdown due to COVID 19 / Corona

Wed, 09/16/2020 - 13:52 by eflytoblog

Being a Vacation Time and we amid of Lock-down, There has been lot of questions that arises in the minds of people, what will happen to the travel after the lock-down is complete, Is that safe to travel within the country, will the international open borders for business and tourism, is that safe to have food outside when on travel and so many questions sequencing.

I thought to share my opinion through this post. Its very important for us at this point of time to Stay Home & Stay Safe. Post the lock down also, its good that for sometime, indeed months it is good not to travel until its a necessity. One thing we we constantly need to keep an eye is to check the situation from the home to the origin destination if everything is fine. Covid being a pandemic, spreading real quick. Sometimes even if we have a normal flu also gives us fear. So its good until the situation settles across the globe, we can stay home, spend some time with family. The need of the hours is to bring in the people who stay overseas leaving their family in their home country.

Now after the lockdown is complete, we need to think realistic, is that good to travel now or can we postpone it for later. Health comes first be it you or somebody. Everybody has family to take care . So lets adhere to what our local government says and also will adhere to what the foreign government states. Things will for sure come to normal, once a vaccination or even a proper medication is found to cure this corona. So lets give is some time, wait for some more days, months for this pandemic to end and later we can resume back to sight seeing as things come under control.

One thing for sure, after this pandemic ends , we will see a real new beautiful world, with less pollution, more greeneries, healthy food and even cleaner habits across. Also, we will do our part to ensure, being now in our home country, lets grow some trees, spend more time with children, parents and family. Stay Home! Stay Safe! Spend Time with Family.