Top Countries in the World You Need to Visit for Food

Top Countries in the World You Need to Visit for Food

Tue, 08/11/2020 - 05:25 by traveldev

The pleasure of eating when combined with traveling is the fulfillment of your biggest dreams. You must allow yourself to experience the excitement of trying new dishes, which you’ve only heard of before, and letting the connoisseurs serve them to you.

Imagine yourself surrounded by Food and Wine trails where you get to experience the authentic flavors and be as close to nature as possible. There’s nothing more appealing than having the best food in the best place.

If you are already planning a vacation with your family or friends, choose one of the following destinations, which will satisfy all your food fantasies.


Italian food has enslaved foodies from around the globe for centuries. Whenever we talk about countries with the best cuisine, Italy always tops the list. Their pizza and pasta are enough to bring any food lover down to his knees. Their dishes are so colorful and leave an unforgettable taste in the mouth.

The secret of their cuisine doesn’t actually have anything to do with the preparation process. It is more about the freshness of the ingredients which have been used. The popularity of Italian cuisine is depicted in the fact that nations from around the globe have welcomed it in their homes.


An avid food lover will experience heaven while traveling in Spain. From the top fine dining restaurants to scrumptious street food, Spain has everything to offer. It’s restaurants never fail to make an appearance in the top 50 restaurants in the world.

Food is their passion! They cook it with the same enthusiasm as they have when they perform the Flamenco dance. Their cuisine has managed to influence plenty of countries which have incorporated their dishes in their own cookery.


All the spicy food fans should make visiting India the top thing in their to-do list. There’s no Indian dish which can be prepared with a handful of ingredients. A lot of spices, sauces, and flavors come together to give you the tastiest curry you haven’t tried in your entire life.

Everything is consumed either with bread or rice, and there is no end to the regional food varieties. The country is also popular for creating savory vegetarian dishes. When in India, you cannot miss drinking the famous Masala Tea and trying the roadside food stalls.


If you are traveling in Greece, the cuisine will give you the feel of a tempting magazine page come to life. Just like the eye-catching white buildings and blue water, the food is also a visual treat. The food is as appealing to your taste buds as it is to the eyes.

What might be the secret behind such nutritionally overloaded yet yummiest food? Greece has a special gift from nature in the form of olives. Being Greece’s top export, it not only brings about a lot of revenue but also adds magical flavor to its cuisine.


If you were given an option to eat the food of one country for the rest of your life, what would you choose? Mexico will be a nice choice because of the variety they offer in their cuisine. It is quite unlikely that you will ever get bored!

Mexican food is the perfect blend of zestiness from Greece and rich flavors from India. The mouth-watering enchiladas, tacos, and quesadillas are to die for. The best part about it is the way it utilizes all the nutritionally abundant ingredients like tomato, lime, avocado, and garlic. While in your mouth, it doesn’t taste like anything healthy but a fiesta.


It is amazing the way Japanese have preserved their culture and traditions to this date. While the rest of the world has resorted to forks and knives, they still use the chopsticks to eat food. They are very particular about the way they do things, and this includes cooking as well.

The most interesting thing is that they have made the world follow their suit. You’ve probably had a number of Japanese dishes – Sushi, Tempura, Ramen, or Sake – and you did so with chopsticks.


We’ve known Vietnam because of war for too many years now. If people look beyond what happened decades ago, they’ll find a country which boasts one of the finest cuisines in the world. Unlike many other countries in the region, Vietnamese food is healthy and full of nutrition.

The principal components of Vietnamese food are rice, fish sauce, herbs, and shrimp paste. The highlight of this cuisine is its ability to strike the perfect balance in taste as it is modest yet complex.

Conclusion As you plan to visit any of these countries, you are bound to have the best foods from around the world. Try to be as diverse as possible so that you can enjoy a burst of flavors and all the different experiences which these cuisin.