Tomatoes Festival Bunol Spain

Tomatoes Festival in Valencian town, Bunol

Sun, 08/23/2020 - 10:14 by eflytoblog

Tomatoes Festival – known as La Tomatina in Spanish, is held once in a year on the last wednesday of August in Valencian town of Bunol. This is one of the famous festivals in Spain and people do enjoy a lot during this festival. It would be great new experience for tourists visiting spain during the Tomatoes Festival  and makes it a unforgettable memory.

Tomatoes Festival

Tomatina Festival

Tomatoes Festival Spain

Held once in a year on the last Wednesday of August, Tomato festival is a huge event for the Spanish people. This festival will be there for an hour and at the end of the event you can see people covered with Tomato sauce, which means the tomato are smashed they become like sauce. After this the fire truck comes and the water is sprinkled on all the participants covered with the sauce. Some of the participants visit the pool to take a tip and freshen up themselves. Isn’t this awesome? Try it out and you would love your tour during this season.

The Tomato festival is so well organized that when the tomatoes are thrown it should be thrown after smashing only to avoid injuries. When there is truck or lorry that is passing by, the participants are supposed to give way. Except tomatoes nothing else should be thrown. And at the end of the event when  shot is provided all should stop throwing the tomatoes. These are some safety measures announced and supported by the Government to have a joyful tomato festival in Spain.  There are also battle of oranges that’s been celebrated in Italy.

Next time you visit Spain, plan your trip to Spain in the month of August, so you can be one of the participants in the Tomato festival. Make your trip a memorable one by attending this event. Don’t missing the sight-seeing in Spain. There are lot of places to visit in Spain that would make your tour the best.