Tanzania Guide To The Most Underrated Travel Destination In Africa

Tanzania – Your Guide To The Most Underrated Travel Destination In Africa

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A few places in the world can captivate travellers in a way that no Disney land can, a place where nature resides in its purest form without any adulteration. Tanzania, in Africa, is one such country which is like a large theme park designed by nature itself. It boasts of a lifestyle in sync with nature, with its stunning landscapes spread across lush green areas, a snowy mountain at one side and sand beaches on the other side, and an unexplored variety of vegetation and wildlife all around, enough to overwhelm any traveller.

But with so many places around and all equally magnificent in their setup, it gets tough to plan a trip without feeling dissatisfied about not visiting the range of magical destinations it has to offer. So, in order to avoid any guilt or FOMO in your heart, we have prepared a guide for you to follow.

Firstly, all Tanzania tours and trips should be coordinated through a travel agent for a better experience. Tanzania is a land of nomads, its wild and some areas are even downright treacherous. Life can get really confusing if you venture all by yourself without any experience or skilled locals and tour operators to arrange for your Tanzania Safari experience

Let’s get started then…Touchdown – Arusha, the commercial hub of the country.

All travellers to Tanzania begin their journey from the heart of the country, Arusha, a place known to facilitate the administration of the country. It boasts of its high agricultural yield and a famous cultural centre, which is a museum famous for its ancient art of Africa on display in a royal setting.

Transportation is available to various popular locations of Tanzania from here, making it the hub of bustling economic activity. The density of people here is relatively higher than the rest of Tanzania.

Also, the Arusha airport offers sightseeing tours to Mt. Kilimanjaro, the tallest mountain in Africa.

Crowded market of Arusha

Crowded Market in Arusha
Crowded Market of Arusha

Visit Lake Manyara

The 7th largest lake of Tanzania is located in the Manyara region of the East African Rift. It is 124 kms away from Arusha, and is a famous canoeing spot. It has a surface area of 470 Sq. Km and is a house to large varieties of Flamingos and other bird species who like to enjoy the untouched waters of the lake and the beautiful scenery around.

Lake Manyara national park is a famous tourist spot due to its enriching wildlife experience. Apart from that, it also gives a glimpse into the lives of the Mbugwe tribe, the natives of the place. Seeing these people singing and rejoicing in nature is truly an unforgettable experience.

Photo: Birds flocking around in the Manyara lake

Vintage Africa in Maasai Village

Entering the Maasai village is about getting acquainted with the heart of Africa. The Maasai pastoralists, who have inhabited the area for centuries, have embraced this new Tanzania which accommodates tourists for the good revenue it generates and the added developments in the country to compliment it with.

Pretty friendly to approach and mingle with, the natives of the Maasai village prepare dance routines for the tourists. They also teach certain customary things such as fire making and beadwork and appreciate participation in their rituals.

Spending quality time with the Maasai tribe is truly enriching to every traveller.

Photo : Maasai people in full swing

A trip to the Ngorongoro Crater –

The Ngorongoro conservation area is famous for its Ngorongoro crater, which is the largest naturally occurring caldera in the world. A volcano erupted and collapsed into itself some 3 million years ago, leading to the formation of this crater with has a depth of around 610 metres. It’s a miracle that a place which once witnessed the wrath of red-hot lava is now residing the most exotic vegetation and wildlife in the world.

The Ngorongoro conservation area offers the best safari experience in Africa with the largest lion density in the region than anywhere else in the country. You can witness endangered species such as wildebeests and black rhino, while enjoying the unique bird diversity around the lakes in the area.

Photo: View of the crater

Serengeti National Park

Serengeti National Park is a wildlife park famous for its migratory wildebeests and zebras, along with numerous Nile crocodile and honey badger.

The major highlight of this exuberant park is the quality and diversity of wildlife around. The travel around the park is facilitated by jeeps and guides which help you with the complete tour and bring you closer to nature like never before.

For people who are fond of photography, Serengeti serves as a gold mine with its incredible landscapes and animal diversity.

Photo: Some Zebras and wildebeests strolling in the park

Meet our earliest ancestors at the Oldupai Gorge –

South of the Ngorongoro conservation area lies the hominid footprints and skulls of the earliest human civilization ever discovered on the planet. The skull dates back to 3.6 million years ago, which leaves the archaeologists and tourists in awe of its historical and cultural significance.

It is a 50 km long canyon which was once the house of our earliest ancestors and is the place where our entire human history began.

Photo: The very region where human civilization is recorded to first appear on the planet

At the top of Mt. Kilimanjaro –

Tanzania is known for its abundant wildlife, but also resides the highest free single-standing mountain of the world. All adventurers and trekking fanatics can enjoy climbing this dormant volcano having an approximate height of around 6000 metres.

The trip to this mountain can be covered through 7 trek routes, but a sight-seeing tour around the mountain is also facilitated from Arusha airport.

Photo: A thrilling view of the tallest free-standing mountain of the world

Beach life at Zanzibar –

In case anyone feels the need to relax on beautiful white sand beaches after the overdose of wildlife, head to the semi-autonomous region in Tanzania which resides the beautiful city of Zanzibar, a coast filled with untouched beaches and beautiful scenery.

The region of Zanzibar exhibits a different type of Africa, opposite to the wildlife filled regions of Serengeti. The main highlight of these beaches is the fact that human intervention is minimal around these areas, allowing the experience to be unadulterated and full of bliss.

Water sports are also facilitated around these beaches.

Photo: A view of the euphoric white sand beach in Zanzibar

After visiting these places in Tanzania, your hearts are bound to fill with an urge to stay for longer as the place tends to grip you with its simple and inspiring locations. This natural paradise has lots of other wildlife parks such as the Tarangire National Park and Selous Game Reserve, only to name a few. And with so many things to do and experience, the travel can get messy.

So, refer to the list and enjoy uninterrupted breath-taking views of this nature’s paradise which we call, TANZANIA!