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London Tripadvisor: Golden Tips to build your own London Tour Package

Sun, 08/30/2020 - 13:06 by eflytoblog

London has got the best hotel deals year around including the Season as well as Off Season. As there are thousands of customers traveling to London, we thought of providing a London Tripadvisor column to provide tips on savings on hotels while on a trip to London, the world’s expensive city.


Most of the tourists who travel to London on a Holiday book the vacation package as a whole with the travel agencies. To bring the cost down, Travel agents also get suit your London trip within budget, compromise on the quality of hotels, transportation, sightseeing etc. wherever possible. Our Tripadvisor expert in eFlyto states, why compromise on your travel while you pay for it. A wise travel plan will help you get the better than the best. Below are few expensive tips to make your travel inexpensive without compromising the quality.

1. Book the flights first: If you plan your travel well before either block your ticket with your travel agent or booking your flights online on the planned date. Check if the flight ticket amount paid is refundable, so in case there is a change in itinerary, you can cancel and get the refund. However, the Hotels can be booked always based on budget, but flights may go high and may be you end up paying more in the last minute.

2. Hotels How to book it? : Your stay and accommodation plays an important role while your build a tour plan. You may notice that Search for attractive hotel deals, Compare hotels, book it or save on hotels that appear constantly as marketing messages over the web. But we as a customer may differ – while choosing the hotel – In the hotel filter Choose it as low to high, See the ratings, Read the reviews, Compare the Prices, See the hotel pictures, check the proximity between the hotels and the tourist spots before you book it. Doing this you will get the cheap hotels in London, without any compromise on the hotel stay quality. Choosing the best value hotel in London is easy when you choose the right choice hotel.

3. Transportation, Is it so important? : Off Course YES. Hotels on one-side you save, the other side would be transportation. Imagine, you take a cheap hotel somewhere in the outskirts of London, and the tourist spot is located around 20 – 30 miles from the hotel or hotel resort in London – Now you can think the cost incurred on Travel and the travel time. So to save this cost, proximity plays an important role on choosing the hotels. Few hotels arrange transportation for sightseeing, check out the cost for the same as well. To make it easy you can hire a car in London to travel on your own wheels. Also check with the hotel if they provide a free shuttle service from the airport to the hotel in London.

4. Building the Package of your own. How? : A vacation package consists of few important things for London Trip Planner – The Flights, Hotels, Transportation and Sightseeing. The rest three are already covered. Now the sightseeing, speak with hotel or a local tourist operator for a city tour for sightseeing, which will save you cost. Draft a plan in a paper and compare what your travel agent provided and what you got. I am sure; you get the best deal which you built with compromising the quality.