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Dubai Hotels Gets Makeover to Provide Luxury Stay for Leisure & Business Travelers

Sun, 08/30/2020 - 14:16 by eflytoblog

Hotels in Dubai are accelerating to build high-end luxury class reputation at affordable stay for travelers touring Dubai and the neighboring capital city Abu Dhabi with a projection to provide business class hotel services focusing the World Expo 2020.

Dubai is a fantastic and one of the top visited destinations from around the world loved by both leisure and business travelers. Apart from having amazing tourist attractions, Dubai itself is well known for having the world’s most luxurious five-star hotels and seven-star hotel. Few of the top hotels in Dubai include the Hilton, Marriott, Rotana (the all-time sponsor of Arabian Travel Market), Taj, iBis, The Atlantis and many more. In Dubai, the 3-Star Hotels and 4-Star Hotels provide the style and service of Five-Star Hotels. Before 2020, new five star hotels are expected to be opened in Dubai.

Dubai has got travelers majorly from India and Saudi Arabia, followed by UK, Canada, USA and Philippines. The Dubai’s man-made attractions such as Burj Khalifa, Jumeirah Palm Islands, Burj Al Arab – the underwater hotel are very famous, however Dubai is visited by shopping freaks as well. Dubai has got numerous shopping malls where all consumer needs from around the globe can be got. The real globalization on the consumer needs such as food, cars, clothing, electronics, jewellery, sport equipment, furnishing items all are like to be under the same roof. Dubai the place is very well known for its Nightlife as well, the city is awake 24/7 with lots of Fun activities and places to visit around all day.


“With the Dubai government offering to waive fee, business travelers and families who visit Dubai on vacation is like to get cheap hotel accommodation in the United Arab Emirates” said Nishanthi, Managing Director of”With Dubai World Expo 2020, approaching 5 years ahead, Dubai government is encouraging hoteliers to build new hotels as well allowing new entrants from around the world making it flexible for them to have their hotels located in Dubai.” She added.
To have balanced hotel market, Dubai will have two-start, three-Star and Four-star hotels categories built to cater to the tourist in a better way providing cheaper accommodations during their visit in Dubai. Rotana, a Abu Dhabi based hotels is one of the hotels that’s planning to have 10 more hotels in Dubai, followed by the US-based hotels Starwood, which plans for around 7 more properties in Dubai.

If you are planning for travel let be a leisure or business trip or even holidaying with family, Dubai would be the right place, with ample sight-seeing and classic hotels stays at affordable rates. Safety and Protection is ensured in Dubai, which make Dubai one of the most preferred tourist locations.

“Emirates have been attracting more and more travelers from the India, Africa and Middle-East. To cater to the Global travelers with their class of hotel expectations, eFlyto has been adding the leading portfolio of hotels in their network, partnering with worlds top online travel agency, whilst getting the best class hotels at cheaper rates.” said Mohana Jai Shankar, Marketing Analyst at –”Dubai Hotels and Car Rentals has been great demand in the UAE as well worldwide top rated destinations all time. To get customer the best affordable hotels, we strive to add more features that helps customers compare and choose their hotels worldwide.” She added.

Dubai has ranked top and best in the world for hotels and shopping, as per the survey conducted by top review website TripAdvisor.