Covid Travel News

COVID Travel News: Know the Travel guidelines and restrictions Worldwide

Wed, 05/04/2022 - 11:16 by eflytoblog

The Corona Virus has led to huge disaster for the travelers and indeed the travel industry.  With COVID vaccinations and the "mask on" for lowering the spread is still one of the guidelines that most of the countries follow as a precautionary measure considering the safety of the citizens as well as the domestic, international travelers.  The  CDC also known as Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has been providing regular mandate on the COVID spread and has been issuing the travel guidelines and restrictions to worldwide travelers to follow precautionary measure to avoid the spread. Below is the Map on which hovering over the place which you are planning to travel, helps you understand what the present situation is  and also states the high, moderate and low risk countries for travelling. If this doesn't work, please visit the source.

Covid Travel News

Source: CDC.Gov

What are some of the precautions to take while travelling abroad?

With Coronavirus still on, it is very important to take the vaccination in the home country and carry the vaccination certificate while travelling. It is also important to carry a bundle of mask and wear it regularly when you go in public, to avoid the spread in some other means. Importantly, when you are going to travel outside the country, ensure you are taking a health insurance which gives you cover in a foreign country. With the pandemic, or be it a regular health issue, the health insurance will provide you the coverage for your medical insurance so that you don't incur paying more money in a foreign country.

Apart from this,  be wary of what you eat, drink - so don't fall sick.  Carry an first aid kit and some of the regular medicines with a doctor's prescription that you might need during the tenure of your stay . Try to avoid usage of public toilets and swimming pool unless its disinfected properly. You can use all these at hotel, where the maintenance is good.  All the most, get vaccinated and seek medical attention in case you are facing some discomfort or any other health complications.