Amsterdam Christmas

Christmas in Amsterdam, Netherlands

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Know about Amsterdam!

The capital city of Netherlands – Amsterdam derives its name from the city’s origin as “Dam” of river “Amstel”.  Before decades, the name was Amstelredamme, which as the generations passed, said to be changed as “Amsterdam”. One of the most popular destinations in the Europe, Amsterdam attracts over 7 million international travelers annually. Find cheap hotels in Amsterdam.

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The Christmas & New Year Celebrations in Amsterdam

If you are visiting Amsterdam this Christmas, get tuned up with the travel channel plan for a week or two, to have loads of fun and exploration in and around Amsterdam. If you are an historic art lover, you must visit the Rijksmuseum, Van Gogh Museum, Stedelijk Museum having commercial art galleries and the concert hall Concertgebouw for your Christmas celebrations.


The Museumplein is the place having the above three said museums, which has turned in to the Christmas and New Year Square of Amsterdam. This museum square of Amsterdam attracts thousands and thousands of people gathering together on the Christmas Eve and the Christmas Day.

Sint Nocholaas Day in Amsterdam

Did you know, the Christmas celebrations in the Amsterdam starts in the weekend of 5th December, as originally know the holy day of Sint Nicholaas. The people during this day, especially the children would leave their boots around the fireplace expecting that would filled with sweets as they wake up the next day. On the same day, friends & relatives start exchanging the gifts, sweets, sing some traditional poems and get together for a happy meal.

shopping in amsterdam

The market in Amsterdam gets crowded day-by-day as the Christmas shopping gets on to the peak. European tourists in Amsterdam spend the day by going around the market looking for the hand-crafted displays, Christmas gifts, spending time Cosy cafes, enjoying a Dutch meal, and lot other activities shopping day & night. Tourist and visitors to the Amsterdam Christmas Museum Square love to enjoy the ice rinks over there. In the evening, the Christmas lights are brightly-illuminated in the Christmas tree, which brings in the pleasant feel and beauty of the region.


On the day of Christmas Eve on the 24th and on the day of Christmas 25th December, the celebrations gears up with the Anglo-American’s get together near the Museum Square and the churches are filled with visitors, tourists from different regions, which gives a feel of welcoming prayer for the Jesus Christ. The Christmas Eve & the New Year Eve, majority of the Dutch, even adapted to the welcoming of Christmas and New Year as the world celebrates with lot of fun, gifts exchanges and get together.


Other things that makeover the Amsterdam in Netherlands

Apart from the art galleries in Rijksmuseum and Van Gogh Museum, there are other activities and sightseeing places in and around Amsterdam. You may visit the Comedy Café, which serves a four-course Christmas meal during the Christmas time, go to the concerts, go shopping, ice rink , visit the flower market of Amsterdam, picnic to Vondel park, cycling around Amsterdam tasting the flavor of Amsterdam-Style Street foods, visiting the park and canals, skate in ice during winter, Booze (Drink) at the Amsterdam’s best Dutch way Bar, visit the modern art galleries in the jordaan and many more. One which is famous is also the Red Light District, (Red Light Area) famous for its legalized night life, which also illuminates the area with different colors of light during the Christmas season. If you have lot lavish money to spend, then you may find the best casinos in Amsterdam.


As Christmas and New Year are peak season, don’t wait for the last minute hotel deals, you may end up paying high amount or else the hotel bookings in Amsterdam would be already full. To better plan your travel to Amsterdam, explore online for Travel Advisor in Amsterdam, who may guide and help you with the tour packages in Amsterdam.


Last but not least, Bi-Cycle is the best mode of transport to enjoy streets alongside the canal.