World Cup Schedule Qatar & its locations

Sun, 10/02/2022 - 15:41 by drupal_dev

Visiting 2022 World Cup in Qatar. Here is the schedule of the Qatar Football world Cup. There are so many football fans, it’s going to be great to all football fans across the globe. Yes, The World Cup Schedule in Qatar is published along with its locations. The great news about the world Cup Schedule and its locations treats the best to the football fans, as the matches are scheduled within 50 Miles radius, which make it easy for the football fans to watch the football match live.

COVID Travel News: Know the Travel guidelines and restrictions Worldwide

Wed, 05/04/2022 - 11:16 by eflytoblog

The Corona Virus has led to huge disaster for the travelers and indeed the travel industry.  With COVID vaccinations and the "mask on" for lowering the spread is still one of the guidelines that most of the countries follow as a precautionary measure considering the safety of the citizens as well as the domestic, international travelers.

Top Attractions in Lima Peru the city of kings

Fri, 08/27/2021 - 12:12 by admin

Lima is the capital of Peru. One of the idyllic locations, a city with a rich history and great place to visit having the Rimac and Chillon valleys. Lima is known as the city of kings and has got lot of incredible attractions that one should visit. 

The Best Hotel Booking Websites

Tue, 08/03/2021 - 07:52 by admin

You would have viewed the best car rental aggregator sites, Now here is the list of best hotel booking websites for you to book cheap hotels online. Below is the list of top hotel booking websites, which would help you get the best hotel deals by comparing the prices as well as allowing you to filter the hotel search results by filtering based on various amenities, price, proximity and more. The list includes even few hotel booking franchise websites, which provides cheap accommodations. 

Euro Cup 2021 Schedules and venues & Live Score

Sat, 06/12/2021 - 11:12 by admin

The UEFA European Championship (Euro Cup 2020) will be held between June 11 to July 11 2021 and the venue is spread across 11 cities in Europe. Also see Qatar World Cup Schedule 2022

UEFA Euro Cup 2020 has been postponed to June 2021 due to COVID-19 out break. After long time, the stadiums are ready to welcome back its fans. Now UEFA EURO CUP 2021 Soccer teams welcomes people. 


The Best Hotel Booking Sites

Thu, 09/17/2020 - 14:02 by eflytoblog

In the recent times, there is an increase in the hotel booking websites, Vacation Rentals and Home Stays. When you need a stay, there are multiple choices ranging from Budget to Luxury hotels and even home stay options offered by popular OTA’s (Online Travel Agency) and hotel aggregator websites who compile and display results from top hotel booking websites for choosing the hotels as per the traveler choice. It if you want to make a choice of hotels, go through the list of best hotel booking sites.

What will happen to travel after Lockdown due to COVID 19 / Corona

Wed, 09/16/2020 - 13:52 by eflytoblog

Being a Vacation Time and we amid of Lock-down, There has been lot of questions that arises in the minds of people, what will happen to the travel after the lock-down is complete, Is that safe to travel within the country, will the international open borders for business and tourism, is that safe to have food outside when on travel and so many questions sequencing.

Egyptian Pyramids

Wed, 09/16/2020 - 13:25 by eflytoblog

Constructed during a period when Egypt was at the peak of its prosperity and was regarded as one of the mightiest civilizations on earth, the Egyptian pyramids, particularly the Great Pyramids of Giza, are few of the greatest structures made by men that the history of human civilization has ever seen. It is a proud symbol of the rich and glorious past of the country. The splendid structures reflect the contributions of the pharaohs or kings in the ancient Egyptian times.

Brac Apartments a Perfect Holiday Accommodation in Croatia

Sun, 08/30/2020 - 14:18 by eflytoblog

If you are still unsure about where to go this summer season, why not come and experience Dalmatia, Europe’s latest “must visit” travel spot. Regardless of its increasing reputation you can nevertheless experience Croatia’s charm, unaffected loveliness and stay away from the masses, nowhere more so than on the Island of Brac. is a new internet site providing a extensive variety of holiday apartments on this spectacular island haven, suiting all group sizes and budget plans.

Dubai Hotels Gets Makeover to Provide Luxury Stay for Leisure & Business Travelers

Sun, 08/30/2020 - 14:16 by eflytoblog

Hotels in Dubai are accelerating to build high-end luxury class reputation at affordable stay for travelers touring Dubai and the neighboring capital city Abu Dhabi with a projection to provide business class hotel services focusing the World Expo 2020.