Best Travel Tips for Travellers

Wed, 09/16/2020 - 16:34 by eflytoblog

The best travel tips for accomplishing your travel this year would be

  1. Make a Wish List – Don’t make too many places, just choose a couple of travel destinations that you really wanted to visit.
  2. Plan during off-season – You can save money when you visit the destination during off-season. But it depends, if you want to see and enjoy snow, then obviously you need to visit in season times.
  3. Know about the place – Check the flight rates, hotels, distance between the destination you land and the sightseeing places. Also make a research on what the most popular places to visit, which you shouldn’t miss.
  4. Book the flight tickets first – once you decide book the flight tickets, as mostly the flight rates go high as the date nears.
  5. Check for local tour operator – you can choose a local tour operator or else you can hire a car for self-drive or with a driver to cover most of the places.
  6. Enquire about Public Transportation – Generally, public transportation is cheaper. So, find some information about the public transportation and frequency of travel.
  7. Outfits – Its important you carry the appropriate clothing when you travel. If it’s going a to be cold destination then carry thermals with you and when traveling to Arab countries, ensure you don’t carry revealing clothes.
  8. Handy Medicines & First Aid Kit – Take some handy medicines for head ache, vomiting, fever, diarrhea etc. so you can use it when required. Also carrying a glucose would be a best idea while traveling.
  9. Share your travel plan with someone you trust – This is important, so in case of any urgency, they would be able to contact you or will be able to help you when in need.
  10. Take care of your belongings – Always have extra care provided for your passport, visa and the cash/cards you carry. You would have seen the series “Banged up abroad”. Let’s be careful and ensure we take additional precaution.
  11. Read the local news online – Last but not least, before the travel dates, ensure you read some news about the places you visit, which will help you have a safe journey in case of any calamities or any other unusual happenings in the region.
  12. Books – Books are good companions, especially while travelling long. Yes, you can kill your boredom reading some interesting books.
  13. Cameras – Yes, that the last in my list, you know why? Yeah, we now do have a smart phone. So that would help. However, if you wish to have a professional camera, carry them

Happy Travelling  Enjoy the year. Hope these travel tips are something that will help you, plan a better travel at fair prices.